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Scale your online business by increasing purchasing ability based on margin.

Find products to purchase and resale up to 75% and more of Amazon RRP

CloudRepricer allows users to compare Amazon RRP price for the top 5000 products in all categories to eBay and Walmart to find price buying opportunities.

Set the price you want to buy product, and resold on Amazon at a profit. Confirm this by using Amazon FBA calculator to check net profit for each product you sell at the Buybox price.

Our Key Features

Here’s how we do it

Extensive features data

Allows users to compare price differences between online marketplaces, currently Amazon, eBay and Walmart and expanding.

With you at every step

Our Software compares over 5000 Top Selling Products Amazon RRP in all categories to eBay and Walmart to find price arbritage opportunities.

Solutions for all sellers

Users can find products up to 75% and more below Amazon RRP price to Resale on Amazon marketplace with Net Profits per product ranging above 50%.

Extensive features data

Have built software from a business perspective to increase profit for existing ecommerce sellers users and new.

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Purchase highly discounted products in real-time, buy more using CloudRepricer.

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Buy Low and Get a Bargain with CloudRepricer

The first solution to think outside the box and start new business not reliant on external issues out of your control.

How it works

4 simple steps to earn money with CloudRepricer

Step 1

Set up filters

Narrow your search with the most comprehensive product search filters via barcode/UPS. Amazon Top Seller Product Comparison of BSR 1 to BSR 5000 for every category available. Can search any category against eBay and Walmart available buying opportunities.

Step 2

Browse Top Selling Product

Search results for the category. Found product match on eBay for less than 50% of RRP price. Uncover high-demand, low-competition products with maximum profit potential.

Step 3

Learn results

Discover multiple product matches for items under 50% of the search criteria. All with different selling price product links.

Step 4

Make your Profit

Set the price you want to buy it for so it can be resold on Amazon at a profit. Confirm this by using the Amazon FBA calculator to check net profit for each product you sell at the Buybox price.

But Wait there’s More

More Benefits with CloudRepricer

Use your Personal Buyer
Panel benefits

Move/Copy Products from main database to there personnel buyer panel folder of there choosing.

Get more Give Up to date
live Search Results

Run fresh NEW searches from Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, and other sites which will be added to give up to date live results of new listings that match buyer panel products added to folder batch.

Case Study

How Mabs Rasool scaled his online business?

The real secret behind my success was I targeted higher selling price buying opportunities. I would use the make offer tab on Ebay and send several offers to Sellers that kept a healthy margin on the items I intended to resale. To my surprise many of them will either accept my offer or counter with something close to what I was happy to pay. Either way I was profitable as every buying decision made was after using Amazons FBA calculator to check each units profitability.

Mabs Rasool

$ 350,000


$ 1,3 Million


$ 3+ Million


Our clients say

More customers reviews

Cloudrepricer is a partner with expertise in making ecommerce price arbitrage effective and highly lucrative for Amazon sellers.

Ray Gibson

The secret was trusting the buying and selling strategy cloudrepricer offered with there user platform. Keep things simple by using Amazons FBA calculator to calculate profits before making a buying decision Spend all the hard work to keep finding those special deals that makes your business more profitable.

Andrew Wade

The software tool initially helps identify products that consistently yield a profit. Best part is that once these trends are identified you can add these products to your own personalised Wishlist which searches for price arbitrage opportunities 24/7.

Christina Dalton

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How often does this software search the top Selling Amazon products to find low price buying opportunities?

When ever you log in and select the Percentage Off Amazon RRP price discount you are looking for and the category you want to target the software will instantly search the entire web for current active listings to find buying opportunities that match your search criteria. There is no limit to how many searches you want to conduct and how many categories you want to find great product reselling opportunities for. The possibilities are endless.

What happens if I find products that I can purchase at a very competitive price to resale on Amazon but I dont currently have the brand or category ungated on my Amazon Account?

Amazon requires certain Brands and Categories to be ungated before a user can start shipping products into FBA or merchant selling. In most cases Amazon require an Invoice from a supplier that shows a total quantity of 10 Units purchased. Each situation is different. Sellers that have an aged Amazon Account have most categories ungated and if not they get instant approval depending on how well there account is performing and the volume of sales that each account occurs. I strongly suggest that dont let this be a deterrent from not pursuing the Amazon FBA business model that so many Entrepreneurs have made into full time profitable multi-million dollar businesses. There are companies that can help online getting a brand or category ungated but my best advice to sellers that are serious and want to really make something out of this selling platform is to find distributors that have the same products for sale and purchase a minimum of 10 units. Even if there is a scenario of breaking even our cloudrepricer software will help recoup the investment and make future profits for the brand and item that just got approved on Amazon. This is all about the long term approach and how resilient a user is to make this buying opportunity a success.

How does the wish list work?

The wishlist is the most powerful tool a user can use to help maximize their profitability and best allocate their time to finding new products to add to this feature. Once a product is identified to consistently be available to purchase on Ebay or Walmart at a significantly reduced price it is advised to add the product to the wishlist feature. Then These products can be monitored and searched 24-7 for buying opportunities to increase profits. Once you can build a portfolio of products in the wishlist then rather than searching for new products you can just focus on the existing products in the wishlist that have a set % off parameter to increase buying and send all the items into Amazon FBA.

What Happens if the product is not as advertised when it arrives?

This is a great question. The best part of using cloudrepricer is that most buying opportunities are found on Ebay and Walmart. Everytime a product is displayed you can see the condition of the item and more importantly the sellers feedback to determine the authenticity of the sale. Most purchases made on Ebay can be paid via Paypal and you the user will be protected with Ebays Return Policy and Paypals payment protection program. If the item that arrives does not come in the condition that you purchased you can simply return the item back to Ebay or Walmart and in most cases the return label is automated. In this way its less hassle and you can focus more time on finding buying opportunities that are profitable for your e commerce business and have failproof system in place to return items that are not correctly advertised by the user. Best advice I can give is to always check Images of the item. Try always purchasing items from Sellers based in the United States and that have some level of Feedback. Also look at the images of the items and make a buying decision and not just the product description. Despite all efforts to match exact results with UPC and EAN numbers we do come across listings that are incorrectly tagged. This is easily noticeable but over time we will build into our algorithm a way to eliminate these search results and try minimizing the time wasted for users.